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1. Application Procedures

Online application → Submit application form & required documents/Payment of application fee(by mail or visit office)
→ Document screening → Interview & practical test → Admission result announcement → Tuition payment
→ Issuance of certificate of admission → Orientation → Semester begins

2. Fields of Study (Freshman · Transfer[Junior])

Fields of Study (Freshman · Transfer[Junior])
College Department Major
College of

Div. of Theology   Major in Theology
  Major in Christian Education
  Major in Mission Work
College of

Dept. of Korean Language & Literature
Dept. of English Language & Literature
Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature
College of


Dept. of International Development Cooperation
Dept. of Tourism Development
Dept. of Social Welfare
Dept. of Business Administration
Div. of East Asian Studies & Logistics   Major in Distribution & International Logistics
  Major in East Asian Studies
Dept. of Public Administration
College of

Dept. of Computer Engineering
Dept. of Information Technology
Dept. of Media Software
Dept. of Industrial Management Engineering
Dept. Urban Design Informatics
College of

Div. of Music   Major in Voice
  Major in Piano
Div. of Theatre & Film   Major in Art of Acting
  Major in Motion Picture & Film
Dept. of Beauty Design
Div. Music and Performing Arts   Major in Contemporary Practical Music
  Major in Contemporary Church Music
  (Guitar, Drum, Vocal, Keyboard, Composing)

* Division of Theology can be applied to those baptized.
* Applicants who apply for Division of Music, Division of Music and Performing Arts and Division of Theatre & Film must select one major.  Also, They must fill out the major on the application form.

3. Admission Schedules

Admission Schedule
Process Schedules Notes
Online application December 10 ~ 21 http://enrol.sungkyul.ac.kr/
Submit required documents December 24 ~ 28 Office Hours:  10:00 A.M. ~  5:00 P.M.
Admitted by mail: by December 28th
Interview & practical test January 8
Notification of Admissions Decision January 14 Individual Notification
Tuition payment January 21 ~ February 14  
Issuance of certificate of admission From January 21 Certificate of Admission will be issued
after the tuition payment is confirmed.
Orientation and Spring semester March 4  

※ Tuition will be refunded if Visa is declined. But remittance fee is up to applicants.
※ Submission of documents should be accepted within the application period. Applicants who did not hand in them will not be admitted.

4. Application Eligibility (Freshman & Transfer)

A. General Requirements
: Both student and parents must be foreigners.

* Dual nationalities are not admitted.

B. Academic Qualifications
  1) Freshman Admission
    a) Students who completed the entire curriculum programs of high school or are expected to graduate from high school.
    b) An applicant having completed his or her full education in the countries with elementary and secondary school system of less  
       than 12 years can be allowed to apply for admissions under consideration of “University Entrance Examination Board”.

  2) Transfer Admission(Junior year)
    a) Transfer applicants who has received at least two years in a degree program at a four-year university inside or outside of Korea.
    b) Graduate student(Graduating student) at Junior Colleges inside or outside of Korea Or Students who have proficient academic level
       in accordance with legislation.

   * In the case of private school which does not permitted by Ministry of Education in own country, they cannot apply.

C. Korean Language Proficiency Requirement(must satisfy one)
1) An applicant who has passed Level 3 or higher of TOPIK. 
2) An applicant who has passed Level 2 or will submit application Level 2 of TOPIK and must satisfy one of below items.
  (Student should submit certificate Level 2 of TOPIK before beginning of spring semester.)
    ① An applicant who completed level 3 or higher Korean course at other universities
    ② An applicant who passed Korean Language Proficiency Test conducted by Sungkyul University Korean Education Course

◎ Notes related to Eligibility
Details not specified followed by school admission guideline or decision by Consideration of University Entrance Examination Board.

5. Test Procedures

Application Process
Application Process : Step1 Documents Screening → Step2 Interview&Practical Test → Step3 Final Acceptance
Admission Criteria
Classification Documents Screening Freshman,Transfer Total
Interview score Practical test score
Div. of Music Applicants who succeed in documents screening are qualified to take interview and practical test 40 60
(Replacing with DVD or image file)
Div. of
Theatre & Film
Major in
Art of Acting
40 60
(Replacing with DVD or image file)
Major in Motion Picture & Film 100 ---- 100
Div. Music and Performing Arts 40 60(Replacing with DVD or image file) 100
The other Divisions 100 ---- 100

○ Interview

  1. 1. Qualification: Applicants who succeed in documents screening.
      * Applicants who passed Level 3 of TOPIK, they are exempt from Interview.
      For applicants who passed Level 3 and who applied for Div. of Music, Div. of Theatre & Film(Major in Art of Acting), and Div. of Music and Performing Arts they do not take Interview. They take the Practical test. 

    2. How to test

      * Interviewers ask questions for the interviewee who passed the documents screening.  
      * Interviewees who reside in South Korea, they should attend the interview conducted in Sungkyul University.
     . For overseas applicants, screen-interview may be conducted online.

    3. Interview Criteria

    Interview Criteria

    interview sum
    Ability to study Major field Ability to study General liberal arts Personal Characteristics
    40% 30% 30% 100%

    4. Cutoff point : Total Sum(interview and practical test) of 60 or higher score can be eligible for pass. 
    5. Interview is conducted by a list of serial number in order. 
    6. Interviewees who are absent from the interview, they cannot be eligible for pass. 
    7. Administrative workers attend and check applicants’ id.


○ Practical Test
  1. Qualification: Applicants for Div. of Music, Major in Art of Acting, and Div. of Music and Performing Arts
  2. Test method: Submission of a DVD or image file which contains a recording file of musical work, portfolio, etc

○ Practical test piece

Department Major field Test Piece(Freshman, Transfer) Score
Div. of Music Voice   ① Select 1 among Italian songs
  ② Select 1 among German songs
  * Both of 2 songs should be sung in the original
Piano   Free style song 1 60
Div. of
Theatre & Film
Art of Acting   Applicant’s Specialty
  * Personal preparation(Dialoge, Dance, Mime, etc)
  within 5 minutes
  * Clothes and small tools can be used
Div. of
Music and Performing
Major in Contemporary Practical Music   Free style song 1 60
Major in Contemporary Church Music   Free style song 1 60
Major in
  Submission of Own written song 1 60


6. Submission of documents
  (These are to be submitted in order)

No Submission of documents Reference
1   Application form, Self-introduction statement, Official
  agreement for enrollment and academic credit
  - Online application
  Submit the application form after 
  registering online
  - Download the form
2 Transcript *Freshman: Official transcript of high school
*Transfer : Official transcript of high school and undergraduate school
  an Apostille or an official endorsement
  from the applicant's country embassy
  should be submitted.
3 Graduation Certificate   *Freshman: Official graduation certificate of 
    high school
  *Transfer : Official graduation certificate of 
    high school and undergraduate school
4   Bank balance certificate from the applicant or financial
  guarantor with a minimum deposit balance of US$20,000
  Original Sheet
  *Write the name and phone number of
  bank manager
5   Employment certificate or business license of guarantor
6   Revenue certificate or property tax certificate of guarantor
7   Affidavit of support   Download the form
8   Copy of passport(applicant)
9   Copy of national ID card(applicant, parents)
10   Copy of foreign registration card (applicant, parents)   For holders only
  (copy of front & back page)
11   Formal official document indicating parent-child
  relationship between the applicant and his/her parents
  *Chinese: In case of all of your family is
  not recorded at an abstract of your family
  register, you must submit the certificate of
  family relations.
12   Formal document certifying parents' death   Holders only
13   a. Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK level 3 or higher)
  b. Certificate of enrollment, graduation and transcript from
  Korean Language Institution(In case of TOPIK level 2)
  Original sheet. Holders only(Can return
  after checking it)
14   Medical Certificate   Including tuberculosis examination

 * Applied to applicant for Div. of Theology should submit document verifying a baptized christian.
 * Applied to applicant for Div. of Music, Major in Art of Acting, and Div. of Music and Performing Arts should submit DVD or image 
   file which contains a recording file of musical work, portfolio, etc.
 * Supplemental documents may be also required to hand in later in addition to the above.
 * Original documents should be submitted. Should they be unavailable, however, copies must be authorized by the originating
   institution before they are submitted.
 * All submitted documents and records will not be returned to the applicants.
 * All documents written in foreign language must be accompanies by a notarized translation.

7. Important Notes
A. Applicants with dual nationalities are not eligible to apply.
B. Language courses are not considered as regular courses.
C. Residents in Korea are sure to fill in contacts and address in Korean on the application form.
D. A prospective graduate is required to submit his/her diploma before the semester begins.
   Failure to do so will result in failure of admission.
E. If documentation submitted appears different names, additional documentation will be required to        prove that the names refer to the same person.
   The additional documentation should be issued by his or her nation's court or legation head.
F. All documents should be listed in address, phone & fax number, issuer's name and date confirmed
   by issuer.
G. Applicants should take full responsibility for any disadvantages caused by mistakes or omissions on     the application.
H. If any information on the application form or other submitted documents is found to be false and fake or if
   the applicant uses unfair means to obtain an admission, the application will be automatically disqualified.
I. Whether an applicant is accepted or not, submitted documents cannot be returned.
J. All international students must have medical insurance.
K. Items not specified here will be decided by the “University Entrance Examination Board”. 

8. Scholarship
A. 1st semester of Admission: 30%~50% scholarship on tuition fee and enrollment fee.
   *  level 5 or 6 of TOPIK : 50%, level 4 or 5 of TOPIK : 40%, level 2 or 3 of TOPIK : 30% scholarship on tuition fee.
B. An applicant who completed over 2 semesters(level 3 or 4 of korean language course) in Sungkyul University can get 50% scholarship of enrollment fee.
C. 2nd~8th semester(6th~8th semester for transfer students): 20%~60% scholarship on tuition fee.
   * GPA more than 4.0 : 60%, GPA more than 3.5 : 50%, GPA more than 3.0 : 30%, GPA more than 2.8 : 20% scholarship on tuition fee.

9. Application fee & Announcement of pass
A. Application fee
  1. Account number: IBK Bank (Industrial Bank of Korea), 562-000047-01-459, Sungkyul University
  2. Fee rates

Classification Subject to interview Subject to
interview and practical test
Application Fee 50,000 Won 80,000 Won

※ Accurate application fee should be wired during the application submission period under the applicant's name

B. Announcement of pass : Applicants who finally admitted are asked to be enrolled in Sungkyul University(Individual Notification). They could receive Payment documentations by E-mail.

Document submission address:

Office of International Affairs, Mainbuilding 3F, 53 SungkyulUniversity-ro, Manan-gu, Anyang-city Gyeonggi-do


Subway line No.1, Myenghak Station


+82-31-467-8044  kukje@sungkyul.ac.kr

Office Hours:

10:00 ~ 17:00