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College of Arts
Enhance the quality of life through recreation of beauty!

The educational purpose in the College of Arts is to develop artists with solid basic skills and fine character and to improve their standard of living to carry out artistic activities in the center of a highly changeable society.

Division of Music

The object of the Division of Music is to help students be eminent in both deep understanding and creativity through each major, gaining theory and practice, and over all artistic areas to grow as professional musicians, and to contribute to the better quality of life in the 21st century.

The major in Voice
The DeptThis program regards human voice as the most delicate and finest musical instrument created by God. Based on strong belief, this program focuses on cultivating responsible and professional artists in voice through systematic education in music theories and practical training.

The major in Composition
The major in Composition has students research creative music theory and techniques through practical tutorials and write unique and fresh works, based on basic music subjects which are composed of music analysis, counterpoint, orchestration and contemporary music. Although, through practice with computer music, its access to information music for the 21st century is active. From different angles, it approaches creative activities, which are fundamental in all music acts, to produce new composers who will shoulder the future of Korean musical circles. Focusing on church music, it also helps them increase the ability to express God's inspiring message of truth.

The major in Piano
Piano is an essential basic instrument in all musical acts. A pianist needs extensive musicality to play different roles. The Piano major, equipped with qualified professors, offer various programs such as systematic practical teaching, practice in accompaniment, workshops, document reading, teaching methods, and ensembles. In addition, there are many master classes by invited pianists (domestic or foreign), major concerts (Piano), seminars and school camp training during the vacations to improve students' skill. The Piano major also offers many performance opportunities such as concert ensembles, Honor Recital (Concert performed by superior students), and so on.

The major in Church Music(Organ)
The Organ is the most wide spread worship instrument in the church. One may say that it is the most important musical instrument in the church service, playing from the entrance song to the exit song. The Organ major aims at developing organists who help people attend the service more devoutly, by grasping and mastering the characteristics of organ music, its' structure, rich tones, and historical changes.

The major in Church Music(Conducting)
Conduct should lead all musical activities in the church. It puts great emphasis on musical foundation and training in a formal way, extensive knowledge and personal faith. It is the study to aquire comprehensive musical skills and administrative planning. In addition, because it needs more training and experience, it helps students participate in choir conducting, concert choir, ensemble, worship choir and large chorus with orchestra concerts. It is divided into choral conducting and orchestra conducting, however, both of them are educated in the university.

Division of Theatre & Film

Division of Theatre & Film has the goal that students have an artistic eye and knowledge and grow as creative and competitive people, becoming the 21st century leaders in the performance and video field improving whole-personality based on christianity.

The major in Art and Acting
The major in Art and Acting has the primary aim that by increasing understanding and deep knowledge of acting and public performance and improving the planning and production ability in the presence, students can serve the community and excercise their ingenuity to the utmost.

The major in Motion Picture & Film
The major in Motion Picture & Film has the purpose that students learn and research the rapidly developing visual language as a communication style to speak the more refined language and develop as sought-after and excellent people in the academic and practical visual arts field in the 21st century.

Dept. of Beauty Design

The major in Beauty Design
High-level theory and practical classes in the Dept. of Beauty Design are simultaneously offered to produce professionals leading the health and beauty industry to the future and increasing experts in the that field.