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College of Social Science
Engage in more in-depth researches on diversity of our society and the possibilities of forthcoming changes!

The purpose of the College of Social Science is to teach students basic theory, principles and their application, with a protestant spirit, in the area of social science, and to help them develop as creative professionals qualified for the 21st century.

Division. of International Development Cooperation

Division. of Urban Planning & Real Estate

The purpose of education in the Division. of Urban Planning & Real Estate is to help students develop critical thinking around urban problems and be educated in basic theory concerning urban planning, management, development and preservation, or survey methodology such as GIS and statistics to make "livable city" under the same roof.

Division of Social Welfare

The Division of Social Welfare, as a comprehensive area, is divided into microscopic and macroscopic sections. Firstly, with a broad view, it can improve the understanding of policy decisions as well as analyzing skills and applying ability. And it is seen as the field to directly help those who needs solutions in miro perspective. Specially it, as a major keenly required in society, has an objective for students to approach diverse human and social problems and to be qualified as religious and moral experts. It helps them link with fellow pupils and exchange information through club activities, seminars, workshops, and so on.

The major in Social Welfare
The major in Social Welfare is dedicated to developing students as better social workers, teaching special knowledge and improving ability concerning social welfare, making affectionate and rounded character to contribute to the promotion of national welfare with a strong sense of service spirit on the basis of Christianity.

The major in Social Welfare for the Aged
The major in Social Welfare for the Aged aims for students to be well-fitted care workers, with Christian spirit, for elderly people .

Dept. of Business Administration

The purpose of education in the Dept. of Business Administration is to help one grow as a capable man, who is able to encourage Christian character and adapt to information-knowledged society through the studies on management and distribution information. Furthermore, It supports one's serving the public.

The major in Business Administration
Business Administration is studies looking for achieving the goals of economic activities targeting a company. It provides customers with good things and service through the ultimate creation of new value and increases external competitiveness as well. Students learn by example, with new experience and team spirit in the process; various seminar, workshop, industrial visits, mock stock investment competition and cultural events. On this wisdom, they can not only become religious men with right mind but also become experts with outstanding ability for the through the 4 year curriculum. That shows what business students with wisdom and braveness are.

Dept. of East Asian Studies & Logistics

Our mission is to educate Language & Logistics integrated leaders who have deep understanding of language and culture especially of East Asia with practical knowledge of logistics. We offer dual course of East Asian Studies and Logistics. Students must take double degree on both majors. Our Curriculum focuses on practical knowledge and foreign language skills to promote international sensibility. We also offer curricular and systematic internship opportunities to meet the needs of East Asian and global markets.
The department has built up constant relationships with various successful Korean logistic companies. Students have the opportunity to participate in a co-operative education program with these businesses in order to enrich their learning. Graduates can work as logistics and business professionals in domestic and global arenas in manufacture, distribution, logistics, airline, marine transportation, or consulting across corporate, government, and research sectors.

Dept. of Public Administration

Studies on the theory and practice are considered in the Dept. of Public Administration. The meaning of administration is as follows; 「First of all, small and large public cooperations and some dozens of societies, including the nation, respectively, decides on a policy. Next, all of them manage the organization, personnel and finance, or create new laws and enforce the laws to actualize the policy.」 Today subjects public administrative theory and practice will cover is very large and broad. Accordingly what to do after graduation is diverse and promising. Subjects relevant to the law in particular are offered to prepare for examination. Since 1999, as a 4 year university, our school first has started commissioned education targeting civil servants from areas adjacent to Anyang city to bond with that community. While Master's and Doctor's course within Graduate School of Management & Public Administration were established to keep in close touch with undergraduate departments for more deeply continuing research.

Dept. of Tourism Development

The Department of Tourism Development aims to "restore humanity" through the specialization of tourism. The Department of Tourism Development focuses on tourism communication, organization and relationship, and global collaboration and practical adaptation. The Department of Tourism Development will promote tourism studies that emphasize customer satisfaction. In particular, we will develop 'global tourism products' in consideration of local characteristics and cultivate human resources who are capable of leading 'emotional tourism' as well as a culture-oriented tourism industry. In order to meet the criteria, the syllabus will focus on training the tourism specialists with the operation of the theories such as tourism theory, tourism counseling and tourism communication, tourism development and tourism marketing, hotel management and tourism business, and tourism real estate management research.