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Auxiliary Organizations

Name Description
The Research Institute
of SungKyul Theology

The Research Institute of Sungyyul Theology is based on Wesleyan Armenian theology and Four Gospel theology. It holds academic seminars and symposiums and publishes annual journals and books concerning 7 categories of Theology (N. T. Studies, O. T. Studies, Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Missiology, Christian Education). Its goal is to clarify the identity of Sungkyul church by strengthening Sungkyul theology.

The Research Institute
of Humanities

Studies on cooperative and comparative research between interdisciplinary fields are conducted in the Research Institute of Humanities. Seminars and academic lectures have been held and journals and collected papers have been published both to develop the studies itself and to promote understanding in interdisciplinary, regional and international relations. And then this activities help basic learning by furthering research and broadening its process in theory and practice.

The Research Institute
of Social Sciences

The Research Institute of Social Sciences was established to contribute to the progress of Korean social sciences through the study of the theory and practice of politics, economics, social welfare, psychology and community development. In order to set the promising path for Korean society in the vortex of rapid changes, it does research work in the following: conference, academic journals, and research projects.

The Research Institute of
Industry & Technology

The Research Institute of Information Industry & Technology develops professionals to guide the future society through works like active research, various seminars, public lectures, and academic publications concerning information and telecommunication technology. It also seeks progress in the information and communication industry involving universities as well as communities, home and abroad, through cooperation and lasting exchanges with other research centers.

The Research Institute
of YoungAm Theological

The Research Institute of YoungAm Theological Thought is set up to succeed to the theology of the late Rev. Eungjo Kim, founder of SungKyul University. It also aims to study his theological thought systematically. To do that work effectively, it has been revising Rev. Kim's Bible Commentaries and doing intensive research on the over forty books written by him. Furthermore, it plans to hold seminars on YoungAm's Theological Thought.

The Research Institute
of SungKyul Education

The Research Institute of Sungkyul Education intends to educate and raise missionary teachers and to improve Christian faith in Sungkyul Churches. Accordingly, research and training relevant to Christian theory has been done.

The Continuing
Education Center

The Continuing Education Center provides regular courses to train reliable family members, men of culture, and experts. Also lifelong education and reeducation systems are allowed in this place. All these will contribute to social education.