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Missionary Club

Students who are Christians or interested in Christianity usually come together for praise, prayer meetings, discipleship and Bible study. Like these, they persue their spiritual growth and contribute to society through inside and outside activities such as missionary work and public service.

Cultural Club

All students who want to experience living in a same culture join in cultural clubs. So they together often learn photographs, cartoons, balloons and finger language. They are vibrantly active in supporting events inside and out or serving community using those things.

Arts Club

Students who belong to Arts Clubs can show their talent or genius and express wholesome passion to perform interior and exterior and smoke the calumet together regularly.

Sports Club

Students who like to exercise participate in Sports Club. They exchange regular games or continuous physical activities to make sound mind and body and promote friendship among the members.

Scholarly and Service Club

Students in Scholarly and Service Club share information and ideas to explore and discuss specific fields all together. At the same time, they promote friendship and contribute to society.