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Application Process

Application/Payment of application fee(via post or visit in person) → Document Screening → Interview & Practical test → Admission result announcement → Tuition Payment → Issuance of Certificate of Admission → Orientation → Semester Begins

Field of Study [Freshman·Transfer(Junior)]

Field of Study [Freshman·Transfer(Sophomore, Junior)]
College Department Major
College of

Dept. of Korean Language & Literature  
Dept. of English Language & Literature  
Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature  
College of


Div. of Community Science Major in Community Science
Div. of Urban Planning & Real Estate Major in Urban Planning & Real Estate
Div. of Social Welfare Major in Social Welfare
Major in Social Welfare for the Aged
Div. of Business Administration Major in Business Administration
Div. of East Asian Studies & Logistics Major in Distribution & International Logistics
Major in East Asian Studies
Div. of Public Administration Major in Public Administration
College of

Div. of Computer Engineering Major in Computer Engineering
Div. of Information Technology Major in Information Technology
Div. of Multimedia Engineering Major in Multimedia Engineering
Div. of Industrial Management Engineering Major in Industrial Management Engineering
College of

Div. of Music Major in Voice
Major in Piano
Major in Applied Composition
Major in Organ
Div. of Theatre & Film Major in Art of Acting
Major in Motion Picture & Film
Div. of Beauty Design Major in Beauty Design
College of

Div. of Theology Major in Theology
Major in Christian Education
Major in Mission Work

* Division of Theology can be applied to those who are baptized.

* Applicants who apply for Division of Music and Division of Theatre & Film must fill out a major on the application form.

Admission Quota

Applicants will be admitted as many as each field of study can accept according to their academic aptitude.

Admission Schedule

Admission Schedule
Classification Schedule Notes
Online Application 2017. 12. 11(Mon) ~ 22(Fri) https://enrol.sungkyul.ac.kr/
Submit Required Documents 2017. 12. 26(Tue) ~ 29(Fri) Office Hours: 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Via Post: By 2017. 12. 29(Fri)
Interview & Practical Test 2018. 1. 5(Fri)
Admission Result Announcement 2018. 1. 12(Fri) Individual Notification
Tuition Payment 2018. 1. 15(Mon) ~ 1. 19(Fri)  
Issuance of Certificate of Admission From 2018. 1. 15(Mon) Certificate of Admission will be issued after the tuition payment is confirmed.
Orientation In February  
Semester Begins 2018. 3. 2(Fri)  

※ Tuition will be refunded if VISA is refused. But remittance chare is up to applicants.
※ Submission of documents should be accepted within the application period. Applicants who didn't hand in them will not be admitted.

Application Eligibility

A. General Requirement
Both student and parents must be foreigners (Dual nationals are not admitted.)

B. Academic Qualification
1) Freshman Admission
A) Students who have completed the entire curriculum programs of elementary, junior high and high school.
B) An applicant having completed his or her full education in the countries with elementary and secondary school system of less than 12 years can be allowed to apply for admissions through Consideration of University Entrance Examination Board.
2) Transfer Admission (Junior)
A) Transfer applicants who have received or will have completed at least two years in a degree Program at a four year university inside or outside of Korea.
B) Graduate student(Graduating student) at junior colleges inside or outside of Korea

C. Korean Language Proficiency Requirement
Applicants who have passed Level 3 of TOPIK or who completed level 3 or higher Korean Course
at other universities and passed Korean Language Proficiency Test by Sungkyul University.

Admission Process

Application Process
Application Process : Step1 Documents Screening → Step2 Interview&Practical Test → Step3 Final Acceptance
Admission Criteria
Classification Documents Screening Freshman,Transfer Total
Interview Practical Test
Div. of Music Applicants who succeed in documents screening are qualified to take interview and Practical test 40 60 100
Div of Theatre & Film Major in Art of Acting 40 60 100
Major in Motion Picture & Film 100 - 100
The other Divisions 100 - 100

※ Applicants who have passed Level 3 or higher in TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) will be exempted from Interview Test. Applicants who apply Div. of Music and Div. of Theatre and Film and have passed Level 3 or higher in TOPIK will be exempted from Interview Test and take practical test only.

  1. A. Documents Screening
  1. B. Interview
  2. ※ Candidate Qualification : All applicants who succeed in Documents Screening Note)
    ※Applicants who have passed Level 3 or higher in TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) will be exempted from Interview Test. Applicants who apply Div. of Music and Div. of Theatre and Film(Major in Art of Acting) have passed Level 3 or higher in TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) will be exempted from Interview Test and take practical test only.
    ※ Overseas Applicants: Screen interview may be conducted

  1. C. Practical Test
  2. * Candidate Qualification : Applicants for Div. of Music and Major in Art of Acting
  3. * Test Method: Submit a CD which contain a recording file of musical work, portfolio, etc

Submission of documents

No Submission of documents Reference
1 Application Form Online Application
Submit the application form after registering online
2 Self-Introduction Statement
3 Official Agreement for Enrollment and Academic Credit Download the form
4 Photo 2 Photos(3.5×4.5cm)
5 Receipt of Application Fee Remittance Receipt
6 Transcript

* Freshman: Official Transcript of Hig School

* Transfer : Official transcript of High school and Undergraduate School

an Apostille or an official endorsement from the applicant's country embassy should be submitted.
7 Graduation Certificate

* Freshman: Official Graduation Certificate of High School

* Transfer : Official Graduation Certificate of High School and Undergraduate School

8 Bank balance certificate from the applicant or financial guarantor with a minimum deposit balance of US$13,000, 13,000,000Won or ¥80,000 Original Sheet
9 Employment Certificate or Business License of Guarantor  
10 Revenue Certificate or Property Tax Certificate of Guarantor  
11 Affidavit of Support Download the form
12 A certificate of immigration records issued by Korean Immigration Office (applicant, parents) For holders only
Original Copy
13 Copy of passport (applicant, parents)  
14 Copy of national ID card(applicant, parents) For holders only
(front & Back page)
15 copy of foreign registration card Passport copy, ID card copy
16 Formal Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and his/her parents * Chinese: In case of all of your family is not recorded at an abstract of your family register, you must submit the certificate of family relations.
17 Formal document certifying parents' divorce or death The Original documents concerning divorce certificate or death certificate
18 Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK level 3 or higher) Original Sheet. Holders Only
19 Certificate of enrolment, graduation and transcript from Korean Language Institution Original Sheet. Holders Only
20 Document Verifying a baptized christian
* Applied to applicant for Div. of Theology
21 CD which contain a recording file of musical work, portfolio, etc
* Applied to applicant for Div. of Music and Div. of Theatre & film

※ Supplemental documents may be also required to hand in later in addition to the above.

※ Original documents should be submitted. Should they be unavailable, however, copies must be authorized by the originating institution before they are submitted.

※ All submitted documents and records will not be returned to the applicants.

Test piece

Division of Music
Major Test Piece
Freshman Transfer

① Free style(Italian song, 1)
② Free style(German song, 1)
★ Both of 2 songs should be sung in the original language

① Oratorio or Cantata(Aria, 1)
② Art song(except Italian songs, 1)
※ Both of 2 songs should be sung in the original language


Free style song 1(In case of Sonata, movement at a quick tempo)

Free style song 1(In case of Sonata, movement at a quick tempo)

Applied Composition

Free style Composition 1

Free style Composition 1


Free style song 1
※ Play with piano or organ

Free style song 1
※ Play with piano or organ

Division of Theatre and Film
Major Practical Test Method
Freshman Transfer
Art of Acting Specialty - Private preparation(Speech, Dance, Mime, etc), Within 5 minutes
* Clothes and small tools can be used

Important Notes

A. Applicants with dual nationality are not eligible to apply
B. Only holders of regular courses degree according to each country's regulations will be eligible to apply(Language courses are not considered as regular courses)
C. Residents in Korea are sure to fill in contacts and address in Korea on the application form
D. A prospective graduate is required to submit his/her diploma before the semester starts. Failure to do so will cancel the admission.
E. If documentation submitted includes different names than that of the applicant, additional documentation will be required to prove that the names refer to the same person. The additional documentation should be issued by his or her nation's court or legation head.
F. All documents should be listed in address, phone & Fax number, issuer's name and date confirmed by issuer.
G. Applicants should take full responsibility for any disadvantages due to the mistakes or omissions on the application. And then, they make certain of information at Global Center and the admission instructions.
H. If any information on the application form or other submitted documents is found to be false, or if the applicant uses unfair means to obtain an admission, the application will be automatically disqualified.
I. Whether an applicant is accepted or not, submitted documents cannot be returned.
J. Matters not specified here will be decided under the University Entrance Examination Board.

Application Fee and Scholarship

Application Fee
· Account Number : IBK Bank (Industrial Bank of Korea)

562-000047-01-459, Sungkyul University

Classification None Interview and
Practical Test taker
Interview and Practical
Test Taker
Application Fee 50,000 Won 80,000 Won

※ Accurate application fee should be wired during the application submission period under the applicant's name

Foreigners scholarship
(1) 1st semester of admission: 50% scholarship on Tuition fee and Enrolment fee
(2) 2nd~8th semester(Transfer Students(Sophomore), 6th~8th semester)
: 50% scholarship on Tuition fee (Eligibility: GPA more than 2.8 in 4.5 and have no ‘F’ on any subject)

Document submission

Office of International Affairs, Jaerimgwan 3F 53 SungkyulUniversity-ro Manan-gu Anyang-city Kyounggi- do


Subway line No.1, Myounghak Station


+82-31-467-8043, 8044  nnanda@sungkyul.ac.kr

Office Hours

10:00 ~ 17:00