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Department and major, Years required for graduation

Degree course Department Major Years
Division of Culture & Arts Culture & Contents 2 years
6 months
24 credits Night
Performing Arts
Division of Design Music
Beauty Design
Fashion Design
Division of Culture & Arts The major in Culture & Contents

The 21st century is an age of cultural industry based on knowledge and creativity. The culture industry is very important in order to improve national power. Today, major industrialized countries have a heavy investment in developing cultural contents to enhance their industrial strength. As our government has recently actively supported investment in various culture and content growth, more and more manpower, like writers, planners and marketers, are required in this field. Therefore, a major in Culture & Contents is needed in the world now. Students possessing a Christian spirit will study cultural directions in its department and spread advantageous contents to our society and the world. And then they will be “Human resources with global Christian culture in the 21 century”.

Division of Culture & Arts The major in Performing Arts

With international competitiveness and critical eye, students who can lead cultural industry to the future are developed in the Performing Arts Major within the Dept. of Culture & Arts.

Division of Culture & Arts The major in Music

The major in Music is divided into detailed majors like Piano, Voice, Applied composition, Organ and Conducting. And then it provides both theoretical classes, such as systematic music history, and practical lessons 3 hours weekly for students. Therefore, it is the goal of the Music Dept. to produce professional musicians with theory and practice responding to the changing times.

Division of Design The major in Beauty Design

The major in Beauty Design intends to set up an academic system and lead in beauty education and industry. It also endeavors to make students professionals in its area.