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Department and major, Years required for graduation

Degree course Department Major Years
Dept. of Business Management Business Management 2 years
6 months
24 credits Night
Real Estate Administration
Division of Public
Building Administration
General Administration
Immigration Policy
Dept. of Business Management

The major in Vocational Studies
Educational goal
Because vocations have become more and more various, the mental peculiarity involved in choice of job, maintenance of living careers, crisis management, change of occupation, retirement and so forth need to be understood. So vocational studies clearly brings out its consequence. Vocational Psychology Studies is the applied studies, combined with other occupations such as business management, economics and psychology according to job information characters. Many jobs instantly vanish and appear in post industrial, 21st century society. In addition, there are professions with high wages or short-term jobs with uncertainty. So some people are afraid to lose their job. Now because of accelerating changes in the job market, human beings have more troubles in the following; job choice suitable for one's ability and aptitude, maintenance of living career, crisis management, change of occupation, life after retirement. Therefore the major in Vocational Studies is promising. Job consultants to support and help humans are important for their whole life, which means they deal even with life after retirement. Occupations relevant to career counselors are researchers, professors and so on.

Division of Public Administration

The major in General Administration
Today, human resources to cope with environmental changes such as globalization, informatization and localization are more and more required. There is a need for active people in government, public cooperation, private enterprise, and in associated fields of study. The major in General Administration aims for students to have much experiences in actual affairs with theory and practice in harmony and to serve the public.

Division of Public Administration

The major in Real Estate Administration
It is our principal that students specializing in Real Estate Administration can effectively analyze policies and problems for the development and use in land and housing and increase ability to take alternative measures. At the same time, the interrelation between the policies for rural and urban development and those for real estate; the interrelation between government policies and immovable market; and the policies for construction industry and land estate development; and the developing direction of real property production according to the change of industrial structure and population are researched and investigated. Its purpose is that students to leap up into prominence in those places.

Division of Public Administration

The major in Building Administration
Compared to the importance of building management, establishment of its concept and management of its system has a short history. To scientifically and systematically operate buildings, the major in Building Administration enables students to acquire a variety of knowledge and to be masters in these field.

Division of Public Administration

The major in Immigration Policy
Concerning to foreigners, social integration and multi-culture causes disputes to arise. At this time, the learning what social integration is and where its direction goes helps find a suitable social integration model for Korean society. In addition, it supports professionals related to immigration policy to grow and work for many Korean agencies.