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College of Humanities
Rediscover culture and history through each other's language!

Based on Christianity, students improve their language skills and literary sensibility. The purpose of the College of Humanities is that they introduce their understanding and insight of diverse cultural phenomena to people with special knowledge and practical ability and freely make efforts for human society.

Dept. of Korean Studies

The Dept. of Korean Studies aims to educate students to guide others in the path of having a sound appreciation of Korean society and culture, Korean studies, leading the future society of mankind.

Dept. of English Language & Literature

The Dept. of English Language & Literature aims to increase the understanding of English literature and culture for character development, to study English linguistics and apply them to the practical learning of English, and to develop professional ability which help students creatively cope with the modern information society and to help students give the acquired knowledge and skills back to community.

Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature

It is an important object to obtain scholarly qualification and experience in the Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature. As time goes by, the need for Japanese is more emphasized. And then, practical courses to work as tour guides, in hotel, documents preparation and counseling are offered in it. Members of the faculty are young professors having studied in Japan. They provide students with details such as JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test), Scholarship Student from Japanese Ministry of Education and Culture to challenge their minds. The office of faculty is so open that the students can easily tell about loans or counseling. Both professors and senior/junior are talking with each other through internet chat room.

Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature

The ability to write and speaking in high-level Chinese and the comprehensive knowledge concerning Chinese society, culture, history, politics and economics enables students in Chinese Language & Literature to be people in the field of work, education and studies related to Chinese. The Teaching Profession Program in it presents the opportunity to be hired at a middle or high school as a teacher. Furthermore, 3 or 4 exchange students attend Chinese sister universities every year and gain credits there in the 1st semester of the third year thanks to cross registration system. All students in it participate in various activities such as plays in original language, Chinese conversation classes, seminars, collected works of the department and so on.