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  • Secretariat
  • Academic Board

Vice President


Office of Chaplan
- Department of Chaplain
Office of Academic Affalrs
- Department of Academic Affairs
- Department of Registration and Records
- Teaching Support Team
- Support Center for Teaching & Learning
Office of Student Support
- Department of Student Support
- Infirmary
- Dormitory
Office of Planning
- Department of Planning and Budget
- Department of Evaluation and Strategy
Office of General Affalrs
- Department of General Affalrs
- Department of Maintenance and Property Management
- Financial Accounting Department
Office of External Affairs and Public Relations
- Department of External Affairs and PR
- Department of International Affairs
Office of Academic Information
- Department of External Affairs and PR
- Department of International Affairs
Office of Admissions
- Department of Admissions
Office of Human Resources Development
- Department of Careers & Jobs Service
- Counselling Center

Graduate School

General Graduate School
Special Graduate School
- SungKyul Graduate School of Theology
- Graduate School of Social Welfare
- Graduate School of Management and Public Administration
- Graduate School of Education
- Graduage School of Culture and Arts
Graduate School of Theology
Office of Graduate Academic Affairs


Colleage of Theology
- Division
Colleage of Humanities
- DEPT. OF KOREAN LANGUAGE & ITERATURE Department of Korean Language and Literature
- Department of English Language and Literature
- Department of Chinese Language and Literature
College of Social Science
- Department of International Development Cooperation
- Department of Tourism Development
- Department of Social Welfare
- Department of Business Administration
- Division of East Asian Studies & Logistics
- Department of Public Administration
College of Education
- Department of Early Childhood Education
- Department of Physical Education
College of Engineering
- Division of Computer Engineering
- Division of Information Teengology
- Division of Multimedia Engineering
ivision of Industrial Engineering Management
College of Arts
- Division of Music
- Division of Theatre & Film
- Division of Beauty Design
- Division of Liberal Arts and Teaching
- Division of Liberarl Arts
- Division of Teachin

Affiliated Organizations

SungKyul University Church
Englneerlng Education Innovation Center
Media Center
- The SungKyul University Newspaper
- The SungKyul News
- Education Broadcasting Station
- Publication Department

Axiliary Organizations

Education Business Center
- The Continuing Education Center
- Language Education Center
Industry-School Cooperation Body
- Business Incubation Center
Development Center
- Multi-culture Integration Institute
- The Research Institute of YoungAm Theological Thought
- The Research Institute of SungKyul Theology
- The Research Institute of Humanities
- The Research Institute of Social Sciences
- The Research Institute of Information Industry and Technology
- The Research Institute of SungKyul Education

Extra Organization

served Forces Battalio