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Affiliated Organizations

Name Description
SungKyul University

Alogn with doing missionary work for the community and the world, SungKyul University Church is helping the staff, faculty and students build up their Christianity-based faith.

Information Center

The goal of the Academic Information Center is to support the Christian leaders, creative professionals, and volunteer workers contributing to the progress of Korea and the world. By providing both domestic and foreign academic information, it supports the academic activities of the faculty and students.

Language Education

The Language Education Institute was established to help students improve their foreign language skills. It provides a variety of dynamic foreign languages. Moreover, it supports them to become highly competitive professionals serving as world leaders.

The Sungkyul
University Newspaper

The Sungkyul University Newspaer is run for the purpose of promoting the university press and improving its culture. It plays roles of enhancing Christianity and university spirit on the basis of "the well-fitted people of God", the university philosophy.

The SungKyul

The Sungkyul News, according to the philosophy and regulations of the university, stimulates proper academic traditions, aiming to influence public opinion through criticism, and promote the university's press and culture, provide reasonable ways of thinking which intellectuals should follow, furthermore aims to be a global university dedicated to the highest educational standards.

Broadcasting Station
(VOS, Voice of Sungkyul)

The Education Broadcasting Station helps students to have an independent mind through events relevant to broadcasting activities, appreciate school life through spreading the gospel of Christ among schoolfellows and cultivating moral character. Furthermore, it aims to create press atmosphere to speak for Christianity.


As the Publication Department supports the faculty to do creative research and activities, it develops academic progress and spreads knowledge-information by publishing the academic textbooks, liberal arts books, general books and periodicals at the research centers.


The Dormitory provides students with comfort in learning. It also helps students to cultivate a cooperative mind set through community life with the discipline and order. Finally it has the objective of becoming the well-fitted people of God within the spiritual growth based on Christianity.

Center for Teaching
& Learning

For students to achieve effectively, studies on teaching and learning methods, lecture evaluation, educational multimedia production, and its application are carried out in the Center for Teaching & Learning.