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Purpose of the university

Christian Personality Education

Personal education based on christianity is both a starting point and the sole purpose of education in Sungkyul university. It pursues common goodness and aims to contribute to national and human prosperity intrinsically through academic research.
It has concentrated on improvement of righteous character and establishment of sound world view under christianity. Specially, modern society made highly developed material civilization. Personality education under christianity will be driving force to overcome the crisis like the loss of humanity.

Therefore, it is dedicated to christian character education to enhance religious faith according to its philosophy.

Purpose: Christian Leader

Establishment of Christian Values

Nowadays many inhuman crimes happen in our society. And a great deal of socio-structural problems have been the result. Sociologists attribute it on confusion and the absence of values. So the social leaders should have proper sense of value in showing the proper standard of true life. Therefore, Sungkyul University has been teaching Christianity, an alternative value, which should be possessed by future leaders in this times. A christian sense of value is to see and explain the world judging from the light of the Bible. In other words, a viewpoint based on the Bible is a biblical value. It shows how to lead one's life in a righteous way and how to accept God's message.
Generally ordinary people in the world have their own respective thoughts and values. However, Christians can see how to understand others, along with themselves, through God's veritable words. Campus life is the most important period to consider and prepare for the upcoming future. Students with sound sense of value can play roles as leaders to enlighten their and society's future. Thus, SKU presents chapel lessons, disciple classes and various liberal arts courses to give them a full stronghold on the Christian sense of value. These activities enable them to experience a Christian life.
It also helps students grow as Christian leaders, following a straight path, showing vision, presenting the way to proper truth and setting up justice in the confused world, based on Christian ideals.

Cultivation of Moral Character

With the rapid progress of society, the relative mentality of people is downgrading as much corruption prevails in the society. Irregularities, corruption, large-scaled events, immoral crimes are repeated continually in almost all areas of society.
Koreans used to be overwhelmed and downtrodden under the military regime and its authoritarian system. Thus, even in the democratic era, they still can not control themselves on their own. Actually the social phenomenon of corruption and rot continues. As new information, knowledge, and technology are abused, immoral aspects thrive. Accordingly, as the recovery of morality becomes the priority, educating leaders with a highly moral character is any university's precious mission.
And then what is morality? Morality is the principle to get benefits for all in the pursuit of goodness according to truth. That is to say, it means the utilitarianism. The more progress society makes, the more freedom people get. Accordingly they rely more on moral and ethical quality. And the atmosphere of how morality is important is being made by society.
To meet these demands, SKU accentuates the moral value including the faith under the teachings of the Bible. A beautiful personality, with clean conscience and justice, is learned under the high moral character. Courses about mental culture and environment with the Biblical education are offered and these various subjects and programs are developed and taught. SKU emphasizes on getting basic virtue as christian leaders with moral character as well.

Improvement of Community Spirit

Today, a society dominated by highly technological knowledge and information, is full of individualism and egoism. Competition and confrontation, incorrect values in a modern society, not only make human minds devastated but also force moderns to be isolated in their life style. It is difficult to achieve oneself or to make social progress in that situation.
SKU tries to rear students by cultivating community spirit as well as intending their personal progress, based on a mature personality and mind, away from individualism and egoism.
For this purpose, it makes positive efforts to develop personal virtues and qualities required in the mutual-constructive relationship with individual and society, on the other hand, through unselfish and open relationship or social activities, it exerts all its power in teaching students, as intellectuals with warm hearts and beautiful minds 'community spirit'.
Therefore, it aims at developing the students as true democratic citizens and Christian leaders with personality and intelligence, maturing their community spirit to make society better for themselves and others.

Creative Study

Sungkyul university aims at rearing creative experts in study based on Christianity . To educate inventive specialists is to adopt an upright approach of the learning as the most significant role of the university, the hall of intellect.

It is important to produce those who possess a serious attitude to study, concerned process in problem-solving, humble acceptance of criticism, etc. Moreover, it is essential that creativity in exploring methods and possession of proven knowledge should be considered in the light of availability.

The virtue of leaders is to be skillful in diverse communication devices and apply it to each case of study adequately in future preparation for information and communication era.

Sungkyul University is dedicated to produce professional with knowledge and practical ability.

Purpose : Creative Professionals

Developing the Appropriate Potentiality

What has allowed humans to have this current high-level civilization is creative exploration and an attitude of rational abilities. In particular, in this situation in which the world is engaging borderless trade war, acquiring an attitude of creativity is more necessary. Moreover, it helps students increase their individual ability which has been buried under a uniform admission system.
Creative attitude means to have constant attention and curiosity about all phenomena within nature, humans, and society. Thus, it is the aim to precisely find explicable and inexplicable parts in existing studies and theories, to complement the limitations to explain veiled phenomena understandable by law or principle.
Besides, the creative aim is patience and passion to discover the truth. Without such endurance and fervor, how do we discover veiled natural phenomena and mysterious things encountered in daily life?, how do we achieve this civilization?
A creative attitude explores scientific research methods. There are many fundamental methods in logic such as induction and deduction, or hermeneutics. However, scientific method refers to finding out the most efficient means to solve trouble raised in the specific situation. For this, it is necessary to accurately grasp not only the cause and effect but the essence of the controversy.

Professional Knowledge and Practical Ability

The more diverse the society is, the more various and cellularized selective occupations are. However, as those social changes can not be adequately reflected on the curriculum, expensive retraining is actually provided in society after graduation. To keep pace with diversified and subdivided social changes, it is more consequent to make a curriculum which helps gain special knowledge and develop practical ability. Professional knowledge is very useful for both the work and efficient management in a large organization society.
Modern society, due to the development of transportation and communications, is becoming one global community. Looking at it from company point of view, it means business activities target the whole the world. In order to facilitate that, it is essential to speak foreign languages as a practical skill.
Professional knowledge and practicality is indispensable for successful completion of social parts and work duties. But it is not enough. Experts without righteous value toward human and society can make unlawful use of their knowledge. Therefore, to build up a spirit of artisanship with Christianity is significant as well. That is to say, it is feared that to overemphasize attainment and practicality will have a harmful effect on increasing technical specialists. So it is indispensible to be well-rounded educated people through the attainment and practicality with broad general education.
There are subjects to improve practical ability in the curriculum in Sungkyul University. New educational contents reflect social requirements, enhancement of foreign language proficiency, Christian spirit of artisanship and recovery of humanity.

Leadership in Information Society

Futurists predict that, thanks to the development of information & communication techniques such as semi-conductors, computers, networks, and so on, it will be a knowledge based or an information based society in the 21st century. They also say that they will make extensive use of computers and communicate networks in daily work and life. However, this is not just a prediction but reality.
In an information-oriented society, first of all, almost all daily life and business at work is done by computers. Accordingly, it is fundamental to understand the basic operating principles and functions of a computer and to handle them proficiently.
Secondly as numerous databases store and organize useful information through computer networks which are interlinked with one another, if one needs information, one can gain it quickly and accurately by email or transfer programs. Thus, it is more significant to learn and practice how to gain that data effectively. Besides unilaterally acquiring information, it is necessary to collect, process and organize the information into database and distribute it. Targeting the world, its importance increases more and more in this situation. Next, the better computer storage capacity and processing speed is, the faster knowledge and information spreads. The main point is to increase comprehensive judgement to select good and valuable information and to tell whether it is necessary or not. Furthermore, it is of important to manage obtained information systematically.
Sungkyul University strives for its students to be equipped with proficient skills, efficient acquisition and provision ability, and clever comprehension through networks in this age of overflowing information to guide the coming intelligent society in the right direction.

Voluntary Public Service

Social service is a move for active change, which makes changes, including oneself, others, and society. This is one of 3 functions: education, research, and social service the university holds as its fundamental purpose.

The most important precondition for public service is willingness. Social service that lacks spontaneity can not change societies or people. Voluntary service is a driving force for this change, in which people should regard various problems, from the nation or humankind, as their own trouble, and behave according to their own free-will and self-direction. In particular, it is the time that students, as the future leaders, should enhance their community spirit and ethic responsibility. Besides, voluntary public service as an excellent educational method enables us to understand how to live together and gain sound citizenship.

Sungkyul University, a leading private Christian university, is consecrated to raise great social leaders with knowledge and character, keeping in mind the teachings of the Bible and the evangelic mission which demand our devotion to happiness and the prosperity of neighbors and humankind.

Purpose : Volunteer

Establishment of Public Service for National and Human Society

People crave a better world to enjoy good living standards. The imbalances in distribution, however, make the poor relatively poorer within the complicated social structure. Many people are tired from the changes of natural environment and conflict within the society. Their lives seem miserable against poverty and disease.
Consequently, as we cannot live alone away from the society and world, it is urgent to uplift public service spirit to live together in the national and human community. In the light of Christianity, or in the consideration of the debt that we already have, we should make public service a daily routine for our own happiness and national and human prosperity.
To improve community spirit, Sungkyul University endeavors to develop a variety of programs; seminars and photo exhibitions on our hungry neighbors' status or the activities by Food for the Hungry International.

Practice of Love for Neighbors

In these times, what we need, commonly, is not a showy catch-phrase but the practice of love and truth. Volunteers need wordless practice and modeling. As an old saying goes "Easier said than done.", love has to be done, not said. Whatever fields we work for, to make the right and sound society, we should fulfill the love for the divine nation full of justice and love.
The first step in the practice of love, we must recognize that we owe our love to god, our parents, and other people in history or society​​. Only after being aware of it can we live together with attention and affection, and practice love away from indifference to neighbors and egoism of the individual or group. Like this, our community, a love community, will meet one another among mature personalities and make sincere cooperation and creativity.
Because of love under Christianity, exemplary character in the living and practical love, Sungkyul University tries to develop diverse programs for practical love; to offer the liberal arts courses for social service and actively support various club activities.

Outreach in Major Fields

In an advanced society, what is important is whether to get new information for a better life or not. Thus, through public service in one's major field, it is essential to prevent social problems, caused from knowledge or information gaps, in advance.
The former is more necessary. And universities should try to resolve the information gap for the underprivileged in the information society. They must provide students with ample special attainment, and then have the students give more people education through community service.
Recently, outreach around students, such as enlightenment service for rural communities and night school, etc., means not merely to give back education and technology received from school to society but also to apply what they know to reality. It can result in a better comprehension of how much they understand. Besides, it is meaningful that, through hands-on experiences, they can have opportunities to develop their potential and build character.
Sungkyul University has the purpose that students voluntarily put outreach in practice in their major field. It provides various programs by major and teaches professionalism. It helps them get chances to improve their potential and character as well.