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The SungKyul University has become “The Future Education Renovation City” based on the fifty years of school history. The “UniverCity” is to prepare a creative and innovative future educational renovation city and our SungKyul University is heading toward the “UniverCity” from the “University.”

The future educational renovation city, “UniverCity,” means to have an educational city with integration of the theory, practice and the field. The University was initiated and called ‘Universitas’ from the Middle age and it was formed by ‘the community of academics and scholars’ in pursuing of the ivory tower, but today’s university no longer seeks to raise the scholars only. Instead, the university must be the educational institution to raise fully equipped workers for the real world.

For this reason, we are going to accomplish to offer “a seizable education,” “a talent developing education,” and “a lifetime guaranteed education” through the Christian motto of “the Wholistic men of God.”

The SungKyul University is going to open the door for the educational venue with the world to raise the competent people in the prediction of the future life beside the ivory tower. Our school ‘Campus’ is no longer be the isolated scholar’s society, but instead will be the ‘Canvas’ to contain the world.

Now, fulfill your dream in SungKyul UniverCity Canvas!

Thank You,

Dong Cheol YOON, Ph. D.
The President of SungKyul University